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Data Analytics

Data is changing the way we work. But to survive – and thrive – organizations must think differently about their data.

We can help position you to reap huge rewards of an analytics deployment, and we can do this well.

We know how to set up analytics models the right way, how to manage them, the pitfalls to avoid and the areas where the highest ROI can be achieved.

We know how effective analytics can counter competitive threats in the marketplace, uncover trends, control inventory, analyse customer buying habits and generally, make your business become more profitable by helping to increase sales or uncover and control costs you didn’t know were there.

Make Decisions Quicker.

Over the years we have found ourselves delivering more and more responsive  analytic solutions to our client base to help them solve their data analytics needs.

Web or PC,  we deliver powerful data mining capabilities and coupled with extensive sorting, grouping and export capabilities and clients have never been so in-touch with their data.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive yet powerful and functionally effective way to work with your data contact us for more information and a demo!

The Data Revolution.

Four major trends in intelligence are now disrupting business and markets completely and organizations are striving to gain competitive advantages from them and not be left behind.  The world of information and intelligence is experiencing the biggest revolution in decades.

1. Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is the most revolutionary trend in data storage and software delivery in years. It provides a superior platform for the storage and delivery of critical data gathered by companies. Business intelligence is well-suited for this: the cloud enables companies to quickly begin using new BI applications and functionality, without any work required on their side.

2. Making Big Data More Accessible

As the amount of information grows exponentially per year, global IT spending is projected to increase only at a tiny fraction. Companies are challenged to find ways to manage their data and make beneficial use of it. Meanwhile, they risk losing millions by not doing so, as the value of harnessing big data is greater than ever.

3. Mining the Social Explosion

The emergence of social networks is disrupting, but evolving the traditional marketing model, and has also exacerbated the “big data” dilemma. Companies struggle to fully realize the promise of social media – to leverage the unprecedented consumer interaction, advertising, and branding potential of social media.

4. Unlimited Reach with Mobile

Mobile computing is predicted to have a far greater impact and user base than any of the previous cycles of technology, including mainframes, mini computing, personal computing, and desktop computing. Mobile allows business users to gain insight into increasing volumes of information and take action, from anywhere, at any time.

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