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About Us

We’ve been specializing in custom software development for over 30 years and craft robust solutions that get delivered on time and on budget.  Our core focus is on .NET, Delphi and PHP technologies with SQL-Server, MySQL and SQLite being our databases of choice.  Our resource pool is based primarily in North America & Europe, with specialist teams based in South East Asia.

We also have developed over 40 mobile apps since 2013, two of which reached iTunes top-10.  In today’s mobile world we primarily develop hybrid HTML 5 and Booststrap apps thereby enabling us to deliver mobile apps at a fraction of the cost of a traditional iOS/Android app that does the same thing.  We have also worked a lot with many different CMS and eCommerce platforms.


We start with a good technical analysis of your problem and then present you with a complimentary scope document. You can keep the scope document with our compliments or, we can  transform this document into a formal “Statement of Work” for you.

Alternatively, if you need affordable senior developers in a hurry for a specific assignment on a time & materials basis, we can help with that too.

Service Hours

We have highly skilled teams in Canada, USA, Europe and South East Asia.  This enables us to provide a 24 hour, 6 day a week service level.   We strive very hard to be available for our clients whenever they need us.