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System & Data Migrations

We have extensive experience in all aspects of moving code and data from one IT platform to another.

Whatever the need, we take a careful, well planned and professional approach to your upgrade to ensure a smooth process and perfect end result.

Database Competencies


We typically conduct a high-level technical review of your system, libraries and databases and then deliver a formal assessment report to you. There is no obligation to use us, you are welcome to keep the assessment and use it to help plan any next steps.

In most cases migration offers you a great opportunity to review and re-evaluate your current technical platform and tools against the envisaged new platform. With decades of experience our team will provide you with ideas and suggestions that will help ensure that any final product will not only exceed expectations and wow your customers, but also give you a solid foundation for future growth.

Code Recovery / Reverse Engineering

Losing any form of asset is a major concern for any business and many migration projects often result in the discovery of missing source code from older systems. At Digital Partners we often mitigate this by recovering code using reverse engineering techniques and tools we have at our disposal. If missing source code is a potential threat to your migration project, we have tools to help resolve this.


Migrating often results in code and/or UI re-purposing to align your system with current best practices. In conjunction with our hard-core guru developers, our graphic team is ready to submit ideas and proofs to help ‘modernize’ your system’s design elements to deliver a compelling new look if also required.

Delphi Legacy Migrations

Special Note: We have completed many complex database as well as source code migrations over the years.   We specialize in migrating old non-unicode Delphi applications to XE as well as migrating Delphi systems to .Net.

We approach migration projects by conducting a FREE code review and general assessment of your system to identify anything that will require special attention, unexpected licensing costs or could possibly become an unresolvable issue.

Our “Discovery” exercise will help decide if the work needed is achievable within your budget and time constraints.