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Linux support.

Our linux support is a monthly program where we manage your linux server OS. We provide this service remotely so no on-site access is required

Our service includes:

  • Nightly scans for malware or hacking exploits (rkhunter & chkrootkit).
  • Nightly check for updated system software and will reboot the server after kernel updates.
  • Configure and manage the Apache web server & PHP build to suit the customer’s needs.
  • All root email goes to our monitoring inbox so we will be notified if something is going wrong and we will notice if a machine stops sending nightly scan results.
  • Manually access the servers on business days and keep an open window on the logs to debug any issues that might come up.
  • Lock down most ports on the server using Shorewall firewall and update the configuration as needed (blacklisting attacking IPs).
  • Restrict access to SSH or the Network usage interface to a whitelist of trusted IPs.
  • MySQL database configuration, creation & management.
  • Install or configure other software that the customer needs.
  • Setup periodic backups of specific files or directories if needed.

Monthly rate starts at $160 per month

* 6 month minimum contract

** Initial setup of security patches and monitoring tools all included with 6 month contract