We love Simple

We’ve been specializing in custom software development for over 25 years and know this art better than most. We deliver as fast as possible and don’t waste time doing it.

We will conduct an effective and very fast analysis of your problem and present you with a scope statement which we collaboratively refine.  The final scope is transformed into a formal “Statement of Work” that is costed out using a best-fit resource approach to ensure we provide you a cost effective and on-time delivery.

Legacy Migrations

We have successfully completed many complex Delphi to XE as well as Delphi to .Net legacy migrations for businesses of all sizes.

We approach migration projects by first conducting a FREE code review and general assessment of your system to identify anything that will require special attention, unexpected licensing costs or could possibly become an unresolvable issue.

Our “Discovery” exercise will help decide if the work needed is achievable within your budget and time constraints.

White Labelling

We also provide a number of great options that can provide you with resources that you can optimize internally and use for your downstream clients, while keeping a central point of contact.   Find out more by contacting us now!

Quality Assurance Approach

Standard QA

The Testing plan to be followed for the project is defined and is part of our Statement of Work.   Typically, the approach is what is expected; Code is developed and the senior resource conducts unit testing.  The item may be ‘cross checked’ by antoher team member before being presented to the project manager for a final test and quality review.   Once the item has passed through these checks it is delivered to the staging environment for client testing and feedback.

Enhanced QA

In addition to thorough unit testing from our internal teams, we occasionally need to engage additional resources for larger, more complex deliveries.  Based on the size and scope of QA needed for your project we can provide an option to engage with our ISO certified Quality Assurance partner.    Coupled with sophisticated reporting and best practice QA mechanisms, our partner has inherent capabilities to provide any level of QA needed.

Service Hours

We have highly skilled teams in Canada, USA, Europe and South East Asia.  This enables us to provide a 24 hour, 6 day a week service level.   We strive very hard to be available for our clients whenever they need us.

Tell us about your project!

We would love the chance to hear about your project and give you an honest opinion on options.   Mike.